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The R3 Conference is not just another educators' conference, but one of a kind. Not only are you guaranteed to leave with innovative practices and strategies to jump start the new school year, but you will also experience presenters promoting health and wellness so that you can be the best you for your precious students.

The Rᶾ Educators Conference is an event packed with innovative professional development opportunities crafted for K-12 educators. The goal of the Rᶾ conference is to rejuvenate the expertise and teachings of educators to enthusiastically impact student success, content knowledge, and social endeavors. With more than 30 engaging sessions and workshops over the course of two days, this event is sure to prepare educators for the new school year. Professional development opportunities are offered in topics ranging from, K-12 Literacy, K-12 Mathematics, Special Education, and Behavior Management to Leadership Development and Building Effective Relationships to improve staff and students’ motivation and success. The “Ready-Reset-Rejuvenate” concept is the vision that Inspiration Educational Services (IES) would like to create for the 2018-2019 school year!

Visit the conference site:

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