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Inspiration Educational Service (IES) is a space where teachers, administrators, and parents are welcomed to find resources that propel everyone to be inspired to meet their goals, regardless of unforeseen challenges.

IES was created with a commitment to empowering educators, so that they in turn can empower children and young adults regardless of their challenges or inabilities.  We are especially committed to helping diverse learners, including those with special needs.

Consider IES a place to find ideas, instructional strategies, and inspiration that work well for educators, parents, and students inside and outside of the classroom.

IES welcomes your voice and experience to keep the inspiration going.

About the Organization

Inspiration Educational Services (IES), LLC  is a diverse comprehensive educational and consultative service environment.  IES was created with one simple objective, empowering the teaching and behavior management skills of educators. Our core professional staff and presenters are carefully selected and thrive to meet the needs of our consumers. The staff and presenters have extensive knowledge regarding instructional pedagogy.  Our team consists of certified teachers, educational specialists, behavior specialists, and college professors with varying graduate degrees.  The team has a combination of over 50 years of experience, specializing in academic and behavior instruction.

About the Founder

Dr. Marva Clarke-Howard became interested in the field of education after a brief career as a Project Coordinator/Drug and Alcohol Counselor for an outpatient treatment program that catered to misdemeanor drug offenders, to reduce the recidivism rate.  When her clientele began to include adolescents, Dr. Clarke-Howard knew it was time for a change. 

She wanted to be in a position where she could intervene at an early age, before children had the opportunity to turn to drug and alcohol abuse.  Dr.  Clarke-Howard made the commitment to become an elementary teacher, more specific, an elementary special education teacher, so that she could positively affect and mentor children early on.


Dr. Clarke-Howard went on to teach students with disabilities in the self-contained classroom, interrelated resource classroom, and general education inclusive classroom.  She taught students with varying disabilities, such as, Emotional Behavior Disorder, Autism, Mild Intellectual Disability, Moderate Intellectual Disability, Other Health Impairment, and Specific Learning Disability.  In addition to a special education teacher, she also held positions such as, district Behavior Intervention Teacher, Student Support Facilitator, and currently, district level Special Education Coordinator of Compliance.

Dr. Clarke-Howard has always believed, and continues to believe that all children, regardless of their disability, can learn and deserves nothing short of a high-quality education, “When students know that you care, watch them soar to greatness!”  She currently holds certification in Specific Learning Disabilities (K-12), Emotional Behavior Disorders (K-12), Early Childhood Education (P-5), Educational Leadership, and endorsements in Reading and Coaching.  She resides in Georgia.

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